Remote Access and Mobility Solutions





Is your workforce becoming increasingly mobile ?

With flexible working hours and the round-the-clock nature of business, it is important to be able to connect from any device 24/7.

To maintain competitive advantage, today’s organizations must simplify access and support BYOD and cloud initiatives.

Kalba’s Remote Access and BYOD solution leverages industry leading technology from Pulse Secure to help businesses solve mobility challenges like:

  • BYOD Mobility: BYOD workers the native user experience they want with the mobile security and productivity your company needs.
  • Data Roamers: Empower mobile and remote workers with simple secure and seamless connectivity.
  • Traffic Control: Granular access and control is now a priority for today’s IT teams.
  • Secure Access to Cloud Apps: Blend Secure Access to your data center with any cloud delivered app, data or service.

Trust Kalba to install a remote access solution, allowing for a user friendly and secure mobility solution.

The following Pulse Secure video details their product range and solutions.

Products utilised by Kalba’s Remote Access and BYOD solutions

Pulse Connect Secure

  • End-user connectivity and security from any device when off-premise in remote access locations.
  • Rich mobile connectivity options built on industry leading SSL VPN technolog.
  • Application access breadth with Pulse Secure client and clientless rewriter access technolog.
  • Device compliance-based access, for ensuring the right levels of security for all your stakeholders.

Pulse Policy Secure

  • Give BYOD workers the native user experience they want with the mobile security and productivity your company needs.
  • Enforce a single corporate security standard for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Protect corporate information against leakage with container security that controls data sharing between apps and connects directly to your VPN.
  • Select any mobile app for Workspace use and assign it via policy and without app wrapping or SDK modification.

Pulse One

  • Manage VPN, NAC and Mobile from a single, easy-to-use console.
  • Unify management and compliance oversight for laptops, smartphones and tablets with an intuitive, web-based console.
  • Automatically update appliance configuration, policies, software and features with custom-defined management groups.
  • Track overall system health and appliance status using drill-down dashboards and reporting.

Pulse Secure Client

  • From network to mobile security, trust your enterprise mobility to a security leader you trust.
  • Device-level integrity and security through a unified client and leading edge Android Anti-Virus.
  • End-to-end data protection from data-in-motion to data-at-rest encryption and data policy.
  • Cloud-based management interfaces to make administration and monitoring easy and modern.

Pulse Secure Workspace

  • No mess mobile app management.
  • No app modification or wrapping.
  • Workspace separation ensures user privacy and a native user experience.
  • Device choice.
  • Cloud based management platform.