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We provide Managed DNS and Firewall Management IT Solutions 

Managed DNS

DNS is the core technology that makes the Interent go round.

Do you have DNS management or server issues ?

Let Kalba Australia provide you with a managed DNS hosting solution, backed by DNS Made Easy, that provides you with a service you can rely on.

Kalba’s Managed DNS service includes:

  • Cloud Based

As Managed DNS is delivered as a service, there is no need to buy hardware, install software, or hire more IT personnel. Managed DNS addresses all of your current and future DNS needs including handling DNSSEC, IPv6, an easy-to-use management portal, advanced logging and reporting. All with the lowest cost of ownership.

  • Backed by DNS Made Easy global Anycast network

Has 19 points of presence (POPS) including locations such as Sydney, Japan and Hong Kong, assures high site availability and low latency resulting in a superior user experience for your site visitors.

Additional Features

Disaster Preparedness: Potential natural disasters affecting web sites range from accidentally cut fiber optic lines to hurricanes. Outsourcing DNS is part of a sound disaster prevention strategy.

Security: Unfortunately, hacking and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are serious threats to your organization’s online presence. Leverage DNS Made Easy expertise in DNS security to maintain business continuity.

API Integration: DNS Made Easy Managed DNS’ REST APIs enable the full integration and automating of tasks needed with your account, zones, and DNS records.

DNS Reporting: Managed DNS includes QPS Reports and Changeset Reports, providing more insight into your site’s incoming traffic.

Firewall Management

Our extensive knowledge on the setup and maintenance of your business’s Firewall system means you can rest assured your online assets remain protected.

Our fully certified team has years of experience installing systems for insurance firms, credit unions, accounting businesses, local government departments and more.

Kalba Australia’s’ Managed Firewall Service is a flexible, remotely managed firewall service that delivers cost-effective protection without requiring an in-house solution.

Kalba’s managed firewall service includes:

  • Industry leading firewall installed and configured to meet your requirements.

  • Telephone helpline for emergency support.

  • Remote management of your firewall’s security for global peace of mind.

  • Threshold alarms for immediate reaction to suspicious activity.

  • Vulnerability monitoring (ie ensuring systems patches are up to date).

Let Kalba take care of your on going Firewall management.

Let us take the stress out of managing your Network

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Give Kalba Australia a call today to find out how we can deliver the best ongoing IT solutions for your business.
Give Kalba Australia a call today to find out how we can deliver the best ongoing IT solutions for your business.

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